All State Football, Basketball, 1950 & 1951
Delaware's Outstanding Athlete, 1951
Delaware Hall of Fame, 1981...
Led state in scoring, football and basketball, 1950 & 1951
State Champion 100 yrds, 9.9 seconds, 1951
Played football and baseball for Duke
Coach of year in High School Football in Durham, NC



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Old High School Photos

FROM 1893 TO PRESENT, 2010

Pre-All State, (before 1948)and after...
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Old Photos of High School Football and Friends
1937 PS du Pont

1939 WHS

1943 WHS vs PS

1944 PS du Pont
1945 WHS vs PS
1947 Archmere
1939 WHS
1939 WHS
1940 Prices Run
1939 PS du Pont
1941 Buck Buchanan
1941 WHS
1941Howard High
1941 Bill Smith
1941 PS du Pont
1941 Mercersburg
1942 Brown Vo
1942 WHS
1942 WHS

1943 Conrad
1943 Archmere
1943 Brown Vo
1943 PS du Pont
1943 Tower Hill
1943 Archmere
1946 Sallies
1947 Brown Vo
1947 Archmere
1947 Sanford Prep
1902 WHS
1930 Sallies
1930 WHS
1930 WHS
1930 WHS
1930 WHS
1931 Sallies Buzzy O'Neill
1933 Sallies Stalwarts
1933 WHS Team
1934 WHS Capts.
1935 Newark Team
1935 WHS vs Sallies
1936 Del. City Star
1936 Port du Pont
1938 Eagles vs Clippers
1938 Newark Team
1938 PS du Pont
1938 PS du Pont
1938 WHS vs PS
1938 WHS
1938 A. I. du Pont
1893 Dover High
1895 WHS
1902 WHS
1929 Newark High
1932 Sal Leader
1954 All 5th Div.
1933 Sallies Stalwarts
1948 Archmere
1950 WHS vs PS
1951 Conrad vs WHS
1951 High School All American Game
1954 Caesar Rodney football team
1955 Delmar players
1956 Conrad High
1957 Middletown Co-Capts.
1958 Friends
1959 Mt. Pleasant's starting line
1960 De La Warr High
1961 Rehoboth Beach & John M. Clayton
1962 Archmere linemen
1962 Sallies Co-Capt. & Dim Montero
1963 Howard High
1964 St. E's
1965 William Penn
1966 Gunning Bedford
1966 Newark, Strengari
1967 Middletown, Herky
1967 Howard vs St. E's
1968 Tatnall vs St. And.
Late 40's, early 50'
Late 40's, early 50'
Late 40's, early 50'
Late 40's, early 50'
Late 40's, early 50'
1950 Sallies
Late 40's, early 50'
Sallies vs PS, at PS field, early 50's
1968 Tatnal vs St. Andrews
1968 Swann & Tucker
1969 Conrad vs Wm. Penn
1969 St. E's vs St. Andrews
1970, Sussex Central
1970 Newark vs Conrad
1971 WHS 1st State Champs
1972 Concord vs Dickinson
1973 St. Mark's
State  Champs
1974 Christiana vs Wm. Penn
1975 Div. I Champs
Caesor Rodney over Newark
1976 Glasgow vs Brandywine
1977 Caesor Rodny vs Sussex Central
1978 Milford vs Caesor Rodney
1979 Newark vs Christiana
1980 Dickinson's Ray Bordley
1981 Seaford vs Dover
1982 St. Mark's Matt Janicki
1983 Wm. Penn's Mike Pinkett
1983 Lake Forrest vs Cape
1984 CR vs Seaford
1985 Laurel High
1986 Sallies over Dover
1987 Wm Penn Giant linemen
1988 Howard vs Dickinson
1989 Caravel vs St. E's
1990 Lake Forrest vs IR
1991 A.I. vs Glasgow
1992 Polytech vs Laurel
1993 Cape upsets Dover
1993 Luke Pettigout
1994 Smyrna nips Delmar
1995 Friends vs St. Andrews
1995 Wm. Penn vs Brandywine
1996 St. Mark's vs Wm. Penn
1997 Brandywine's William Haywood
1997 Caravel vs Mt. Pleasant
1998 Howard vs Middletown
1999 Sallies vs Middletown
1999 CR vs Cape Henlopen
2000 CR vs Sussex Central
2000 St. Mark's vs Sallies
2001 MVP'S
2001 St. E's vs Caravel
2001 Sussex Tech vs Sussex Central
2002 Delmar vs Smyrna
2002 Concord vs Howard
2003 Smyrna vs Laurel
2003 St. Mark's vs Newark
2003 Concord vs Howard
2004 Concord High
2004 Newark defeats Middletown, Div. I
2004 Div. II Champs
2005 Dover vs Cape Henlopen
2005 Sallies vs St. Mark's
2005 Middletown vs Sallies
2006 Hodgson Vo Tech Football Team
2007 Lineman of year
2007 Defensive Player of year
2007 Offensive Player of year
2007 Div. II State Champs
2007 Div. I State Champs
Middletown over Sus. Cent.
1956 PS DuPont
1951 WHS
WHS vs PS DuPont
WHS vs Brown
Ventresca scores!

1931 Buzzy O'Neill Sallies


2008 Justin Brown

2008 Justin Perillo

2008 Kyle Sullivan 


2008 Chris Drummond 

2008 Meaad Muse 

2009 Cameron Mattox, Delmar


2009 Giavanni Ferrante, Sals


2009 Jamaal Jackson, Hodgson


2009 Yeninas St. Mark's



2009 Sussex Tech


1950,Brown Vocational Grads


1949,Brown Vocational team


1949,Brown Vocational team


1950,Brown, Earl Parker


1924 WHS

Football Team



WHS vs Conrad




Ryan Kilpatrick

All State 


St. Elizabeth,

Craig Napier






St. Elizabeth's

Div. II Champs

2010 All State Offense


2010 All State Defense

2010 All State

Special Teams


2010 State Champs

St. E's, Champs, dousing coach 


Jake Quinn, St. Mark's

Lineman of Yr






















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Memories, Nostalgia and comments on Delaware High School Football over the years!

I remember the "old Wilmington Ball Park" on 30th and Gov. Printz Blvd. , back in the late 40's and early 50's...many a game I played there. All of our Thanksgiving day games against PS DuPont, (I played for High those days, all you had to say was "high school") and they knew you played for Wilmington High. We would have crowds of 9 to 10,000 at the Thanksgiving game...a great rivalry...some great players too...Jim Murphy, Marty Apostolico,Dick Toner, Frank Bonkowski, Bobby Piane, Bobby Viscount, Tony Ventresca, Mario Renai for the Red Devils and Gary Scott, Junie Eisenman, Armand Poli...many more, also played our Brown and Howard games there too. Brown had the Earl Parkers, John Voli, (always tough "little guys"...Howard had Ransom, Napier, Gator Lewis, always real "fast guys too". Played Newark there too, they had the "Great" Bunny Blaney, one of the best ever to play on the "old ball park turf".
Who do you guys think were some of the best football players in your era, best rivalrys, best over-all players in state, best QB's, runners, line-backers, etc. Give your opinion, if you have any photos, please send them, KEEP IT CLEAN!!!
Bob LaFazia "49 & "50  Wilmington,De  

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A very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year to you also!
Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together and for maintaining're the best!
Harry (Alexander)
Sallies '63  

  I just thought, that picture of Tony running past Dallas Green was a great shot(I like Dallas and respect him, but he would never catch little Tony, ever!!)
Clarke Jester, WHS, '51 

I found a couple of old 1949 items, one is a photo of the '49 backs from Brown Vocational...
The other is a 1949 football program of Brown Vocational vs Wilmington High at the old Wilmington Ball Park,
Jack Balaguer, Brown, 1951

Some old High School football program covers from Brown Vocational...1949  Line-up: (Click on images)
1950 Brown program with Penns Grove...  Line-up:   (Click on images to enlarge)
Jack Balaguer, Brown, 1951, All State, 1950

Brooks Armored Car Football Champs...1960's, former All Staters, Denny LaFazia, (Sallies), Ruly Carpenter, (Tower Hill), Vinnie Scott, (Sallies), other players are: Junie Eisenman, (PS), Tony Ventresca, (WHS), Lou Romanolli...BROOKS TEAM
Tony Ventresca, Wilmington High, class of 1951

Four  years of Turkey Day football from 1948, P.S. duPont vs Wilmington High...13 TO 7, WHS WINS... (Click on to enlarge)...1949...WHS, 35, PS, 0....1950...WHS, 13, PS, 019501951, WHS wins 12 to 0 1951...Governor
Bacon Trophy, WHS won, 13 to 0
Webmaster, '49 & '50...WHS